Nederlands Dans Theater 2 – 2012
6 - 31st March 2012

Press Reviews

Clifford Bishop, Evening Standard

“…..anything that can inspire such fantastic young dancers to perform so fantastically well has been very wisely crafted indeed.”–review-7543611.html

Luke Jennings, The Guardian

“Cacti, the evening’s final piece, is by Swedish choreographer Alexander Ekman. An arch send-up of postmodern dance, it places the 16-strong ensemble on giant Scrabble tiles and submits them to a series of specious rituals that sees them variously twitching, clapping, stepping and running on the spot to a mash-up of classical compositions and spoken dance theory.”

The Independent

“Youth, skilled and drilled to extremity, has a spellbinding aura of its own. These 17- to 23-year-olds feel themselves immortal. Energy is a given, speed a plus. Now too, they’re getting infusions of creative oxygen from Swedish prodigy Alexander Ekman, an NDT2 alumnus whose choreographic career has already spilled over into stage design and film…”

Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

“The whip-smart timing of this piece as it juggles these incongruous elements is pure pleasure. The central duet, in which the dancers’ taped voices comment ironically on what they’re doing (“Look out for my head,” mutters one as the other swivels him) is a masterclass in pacing and pitch. Running through certain sections is a recorded commentary that muses on the work’s possible meanings. A postmodern joke on postmodernism, it is silly, clever and knowing.”

The Scotsman

“As the curtain rises on Nederlands Dans Theater 2, it doesn’t take long to realise you’re in the presence of greatness…..”

Mary Brennan, The Herald

“Every time NDT2 (Netherlands Dance Theatre2) hits our stages, the usual superlatives fall flat in speechless admiration at 16 dancers – age 17 to 23 – who can handle anything the world’s top-ranking choreographers care to task them with….”