Compagnie Kafig: 2005
4 May - 4 June 2005


With a background in circus skills and martial arts, Kafig artistic director Mourad Merzouki is at the forefront of the French, and international, hip hop dance scene. Part of a large family, he grew up in a working-class ethnic suburb of Lyon. There he was discovered and mentored by Guy Darmet, director of that southern city’s important Maison de la Danse. Merzouki founded his company in in the mid-90s, since when he and it have gone from strength to strength.

In Corps est Graphique, Merzouki and his eight-strong crew¬† (men and women both) serve up a high-concept confection featuring clever costumes, a bi-level set, film projections, sexy-cute puppetry and plenty of fast and slinky moves, all set to a specially-composed soundtrack of infectious North African-influenced rhythms. The show’s propulsive, up-beat style and innate sense of humour equal total funky magic.