Stephen Petronio Company 2008
Oct - Nov 2008

Press Reviews

The Independent, October 2008

‘Bloom was…danced by his company of eight in what looks like a permanent state of bliss. If Bloom had a colour, it would be blush pink with gilded edges.’

‘…a mature artist with surprisingly lush tastes.’

Daily Telegraph, October 2008

‘Petronio’s slick, super-fast and muscular choreography’

‘Bloom…this rhapsodic rush from thoughtfulness towards a kind of lying ecstasy is a glorious thing, each crescendo beautifully delineated by Petronio’s fine dancers.’

The Times, October 2008

‘Every young hot shot has to grow up eventually or risk burning out and crashing. The latter has not happened to Stephen Petronio.’

‘…Petronio enables us to see with greater clarity not just the shapes and steps that they contain but the human impulse behind the material.’

‘…BLOOM, featuring music by Rufus Wainwright…supplements the Canadian pop troubadour’s heady, prerecorded vocals (to lyrics by Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson)…The result is one of the more harmonious, hopeful and humble dances Petronio has yet made.’

The Guardian, October 2008

‘American choreographer Stephen Petronio has several trademarks: nervy, every-which-way steps, gender role-play, cult contemporary music, and high–fashion costumes that show a whole lot of leg.’

‘In Bloom…the arc of the choreography clicks into gear with the music, moving through a series of build-ups that suggest budding, burgeoning and finally, rapture.’