Grupo Corpo 2014
1 October - 5 November 2014

Press Reviews

The New York Times

“Grupo Corpo is remarkable for the disciplined, uniform precision of its spectacular dancing [with] the undulating torsos and rhythmic stamping footwork that connote an African heritage, and the stretched, balletic limbs and light, airborne jumps of the European colonizers. And all set to pulsating music, performed by virtuoso dancers who seamlessly integrate these disparate influences into their ever-malleable, apparently tireless bodies.” (2005)

“The dancers of Brazilian Grupo Corpo have you gasping in amazement.  They have a unique syncopated whiplash styel that appears relaxed and cute but only years of slogging hard work can produce their knife edge precision.”

The Daily Telegraph 2010 (Edinburgh Festival)

“Their combination of sharp precision and breezy relaxation is unlike anything I have ever seen.”

The Independent 2010

“You don’t need an A’level in Portuguese to know what Grupo Corpo is about.  Brazil’s trailblazing contemporary dance group is a reminder of something all too easily lost in the brow-knitting variety of 21st century dance.  It’s a reminder of the joy of the body in motion and the even header joy of 22 bodies moving as one.  The choreography is shot through with the spirit of samba and bossa nova, capoeira and carnival, the idea of a body saturated with rhythm.  The result is fun, it’s easy on the eye, and it makes you long to get up and join in.”

The Guardian 2010

“It is the sheer physical virtuosity of the company that is so impressive – the sinuous, athletic bodies seemingly inexhaustible.”

The Guardian 2010

“The hot ticket at the festival last weekend was Brazilian dance company Grupo Corpo…..they came and conquered with a super-sassy double bill.  Grafting ballet on to myriad Latin disciplines – capoeira, rhumba, tango – it was a sizzling concoction.   As a salsa beat kicked in, and the first signature pelvic shimmy made its way across the stage, this band of 19 dancers didn’t put a foot wrong.”

The Guardian 2011

“Grupo Corpo’s dancers are justly celebrated for their virtuosity, and when 22 of them are moving in rippling, flickering, high kicking unison, the audience are guaranteed a physical thrill”