Cedar Lake 2013
27 Sep - 19 Oct 2013

Cedar Lake 2013

Alhambra Theatre Bradford / Festival Theatre Edinburgh / Sadler’s Wells London / Wales Millennium Centre Cardiff

Necessity, again

Choreography: Jo StrømgrenLighting Designer: Jim French/Jo StrømgrenCostume Designer: Junghyun Georgia LeeMusic: Charles Aznavour, with text by Jacques Derrida; additional music by Bergmand Slaslien.Running time: 28 MinsFurther Info: “The necessity to formulate everything in words, even the theme of necessity itself, is possibly a disease of our time. This piece is homage to the free space between the words – to the moments when we just want to be emotional and not rational. It’s a dance piece, for everything it’s worth,” asserts the choreographer.

Ten Duets On A Theme Of Rescue

Choreography: Crystal PiteLighting Designer: Jim FrenchCostume Designer: Junghyun Georgia LeeMusic: Cliff Martinez – Selections from the original motion picture soundtrack “Solaris”Running time: 18 MinsFurther Info: “I love the word ‘rescue.’ It captures a whole story in a single word. Similarly, the body can convey narrative through the simplest of actions. For me, this work for Cedar Lake was an act of excavation. After creating the choreography, I searched within it for images that specifically evoked rescue. There are many of them. They exist inside the dancing like fragments of an untold narrative. I suppose the presence of rescue in this work is twofold, as I tried to liberate and expose these images for brief contemplation before releasing them back into the dance: saving and holding one picture of rescue in each of the ten duets.” – Crystal Pite

Indigo Rose

Choreography: Jiří KyliánLighting Designer: Michael Simon/Kees TjebbesCostume Designer: Joke VisserRunning time: 18 MinsFurther Info: World Premiere: November 11, 1998, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT2), Lucent Danstheater, The Hague, The Netherlands.