Batsheva Ensemble 2012
Tue 30 Oct - Sat 24 Nov 2012

"acrobats of God" The San Francisco Chronicle
"Ithe dancers – from 18 to 23 years – were saucy, seductive, stonkingly wacky or delicately nuanced" The Herald
"The talent, maturity and complexity of the dancer’s abilities belie their tender age." The Public Reviews
"Fluid, dynamic, expansive yet delicate, animalistic yet profoundly human." The Scotsman

Dance Consortium presents BATSHEVA ENSEMBLE with Deca Dance

Led by choreographic supremo Ohad Naharin, Batsheva’s dancers were described as “acrobats of God” by the San Francisco Chronicle.  Naharin has said of his dancers that he wants them to be “people that are connected to their sensuality, to their demons.  People that are capable of laughing at themselves.  Musicality, groove – I’m attracted to people with groove”  And in the Ensemble he has selected dancers, aged between 18 and 24 and from countries around the world, that are just that. Rarely will you see such urban, gritty and skilled dancers as these.

In the UK they will be performing Deca Dance which brings together memorable and favourite segments of Naharin’s creations from the last 20 years.  The piece is constantly updated and so offers a fresh look at the work created by Batsheva every time it is performed.  It is set to a sensational compilation of music ranging from The Beach Boys to Vivaldi and on to Dean Martin!  For British audiences, one major attraction of Deca Dance is that it includes extracts from the widely popular Minus 16.

Deca Dance, the ever-changing collage that choreographer Ohad Naharin keeps remaking from his considerable body of dances… the list of ingredients is not really the point — each new mix has its own flavor” The Miami Herald

Engaging and beautiful” The Washington Post

In Ohad Naharin’s unmistakable choreography, wild impulses of energy – ecstatic, angry, artless – are sent hurtling through classically shaped phrases of dance.  The movements bulge and stretch, as though they’ve been organically grown.”  The Guardian