Australian Dance Theatre – 2007

‘I doubt I’ve seen a braver show this year. It deserves the plaudits it has received so far…’ The Australian

This is Australian Dance Theatre’s third visit to Britain following a tour in 2005 with Dance Touring Partnership.  The powerful company bring an entirely new experience to the stag with ‘Held’ erupting in mind-blowing excitement. It is like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

Heldfrozen in impossible flight, caught, pinned down in suspended animation

Different at each performance, the quick-fire ballistic rampage from these astoundingly athletic dancers is captured via a series of photographs, instantaneously enlarged and flashed onto giant screens. Projected behind the rocketing dancers, these amazing images allow us to see and experience movement in startlingly unexpected ways.

“Choreographer Garry Stewart’s work is characterised by his
‘no-compromise’ attitude. He has created dance that is fast, technically
demanding and fraught with risk. From the wry and witty Birdbrain to the
breathtaking emotion of The Age of Unbeauty, it is extraordinary dance –
charged with an urgency that has thrilled audiences across the globe.”

For Held he works in close collaboration with Lois Greenfield, the
renowned New York photographer. Together, they’ve interplayed the raw
energy of the dance with the lens, screen and eye, so altering our
perceptions of time and reality.